Sunday, June 29, 2008

Southern Strategy Redux

Seems as if the GOP is rolling out its time-tested race-baiting ways: Obama is "...John Kerry with a tan..." and I am still seeing/hearing references to Obama being a Muslim and that he may be killed after the Dems convention. Even one of my saner correspondents (Manny being Manny) has made references to assassination, as well as his (Obama's) inexperience. What the hell does experience mean and what does it get us? W was experienced running Texas (as Kinky Friedman asked when he was running for Gov in Texas, "How hard can it be?" ) and GHWB was probably the most experienced politico we've ever elected. Rap Master Ronnie was experienced? JFK? Look where LBJ and Tricky Dicky got us!!!

So let's cut the crap and admit that a large segment of the population is racist and will not vote for Obama even though he's less African-American than Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey. Remember, Obama senior was from Africa by his own choice, not as an economic commodity. So the crazies on the religious right are barking at the moon, just itching for a reason to vote against Obama , even to the extent of voting for an addled pre-Boomer whose flip-flopping has resulted in his photo being in my illustrated dictionary next to "you've got to be kidding me!" McCain is the biggest GOP joke of a candidate since Bob "I've just met a drug named Viagra" Dole (apologies to the Capitol Steps).