Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Transplant Evaluation Update

First, the results of the right heart catheterization test from last month: after a week of dialysis, my dry weight was reduced sufficiently for the test to be performed. This is important in that my pulmonary pressures need to be reduced to normal to match a healthy donor heart. I passed that test, so we know that if I can keep those pressures lower than they have been in the past I should meet this test. (Of course, I have to keep the poundage off!) The results of the pulmonary stress test last week indicated that while my heart is stronger than it was in August, it still is in tough shape and will have to be replaced. More evaluation needs to be done before my case is handed over to the heart transplant team for additional review. They may have more questions. Also, the kidney transplant team should start their evaluation soon. All in all, it will be 2-3 months after both teams have completed their evaluations before I get listed. So maybe August, before I get listed ( which is not a given; things can happen). We shall see!